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Barbara Purdy is a skilled and talented speaker who can liven up your office lunch hour or conference presentations on a variety of topics, including:

Emergency Evacuation:

Would you know how to move someone safely without equipment? In this introduction to Get Me Out of Here!™ program, you will become aware of how to move injured people in an emergency while protecting yourself. See new techniques to evacuate people with a disability. Discover how to quickly move people who are disoriented. 

Injury Prevention:

We unknowingly subject our bodies to hazards that may cause us injuries. But most of our aches and pains are preventable. Learn how to prevent aches and pains whether you are an “industrial athlete” at work or a “weekend warrior”.

Assistive Devices:

Gain knowledge of assistive devices and discover what they can do for you to improve your well being and quality of life. Learn the "tools of the trade" and see how to increase independence and help make life easier with assistive devices.

Aiding Stroke Recovery:

What can you do to help someone who has had a stroke? Discover the important questions to ask health care professionals, find out simple techniques to help improve function, and learn exercises to enhance brain recovery.

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