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Get Me Out Of Here!
Workshop Participants Speak
Feedback from Participants in Get Me Out of Here!™ Program

  • All healthcare employees should go through this program
  • I liked the new techniques to prevent my body from being injured.
  • Thanks for helping us think outside the box.
  • Practical information the staff could use at work or at home.
  • Valuable to learn new techniques for emergency situations.
  • Clear, concise instructions, clearly illustrated techniques.
  • Excellent course – make this mandatory!! Thank you so much.
  • Instructor was effective in getting the message across and encouraged discussion. 
  • Very interesting - more realistic than I expected.
  • Energetic instructor and kept the staff interested with humour and practical info.
  • I learned how to move residents in an emergency without equipment and machines.
  • I liked all of the hands on training. This included role playing as the caregiver and the client so that you could feel what happens.
  • I am very glad I had the opportunity to participate in this course.
  • Wise use of body moves.
  • Thank you and make this program mandatory like CPR courses.

"The principles outlined in Get Me Out of Here!™ should be standard, and on-going training for all members of the health care profession. Our duty of care, for both staff and clients, must include the means to move them out of harm’s way with minimal risk of injury. This training can do just that.”
     Scott Blessin, Fire Management Coordinator, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

“I liked the Safe Body Mechanics and use of props. The course is of great value and should be part of orientation.”
     A MSIP (Musculo-Skeletal Injury Prevention) Advisor at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

Get Me Out of Here! is essential training for people who work or live with people with disabilities. It demonstrates, in a straightforward and easy manner, how to move and lift people in order to evacuate them in an emergency. Very useful methods to learn that can save lives without injury.”
     Karen Martin, co-chair, The BC Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities Committee

"I love this. I have wondered for many years about the dilemma of evacuating people in complex care. I learned the use of props and effect of gravity to safely move people. I discovered the ability I actually have to save someone and feel hopeful that I can help in case of a disaster.”
     A Rehab Assistant at Minoru Care Facility in Richmond, BC

“Everyone learned a lot and had fun … I can’t walk behind a wheelchair now without having the urge to tip it over backwards … why??? Just because I can!!!”
     Sue Higginbotham, Director of Care, Rosewood Manor, BC

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