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Don't Be Forced Out
Workshop Overview

Many workers are “forced out” of their work by a preventable injury.

If you want to decrease your direct and indirect costs associated with worker injuries, then this program is for you. The Don’t Be Forced Out program is a basic introduction to Musculo-Skeletal Injuries (MSI) that are caused or aggravated by the work people do.

Don't Be Forced Out guides you to form a plan of action that complies with the Worker’s Compensation Board Ergonomic (MSI) Requirement for worker safety.

Have your employees be injury free with no loss of work time by:

  • Understanding the causes and prevention of injuries
  • Discovering the 7 ergonomic risk factors
  • Learning the signs, symptoms and phases of a MSI

At the end of the session, you will be aware of risk identification, assessment and control and will have a general knowledge of preventing injuries before they happen. You will:

  • Understand how MSI is directly connected to force, awkward posture, repetition … and more
  • Learn to identify and control hazards
  • Begin to solve problems unique to your organization

This workshop is best suited for:

  • Employers, Managers, Safety Advisors
  • Joint Occupational Health and Safety members
  • Employees wanting to gain an understanding of injury mechanism

Workshop length: 1 to 1.5 hours
Pre-requisites: None

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What is a MSI? (video - 2:47)

What is ergonomics?
(video - 2:20)

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