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Get Me Out Of Here!
Emergency Evacuation DVD and Manual

The Get Me Out of Here!™ DVD and training manual can be purchased if you are unable to take the workshop. The training manual gives step-by-step explanations for the evacuation techniques and should be used in conjunction with the DVD.

Together they demonstrate ergonomic techniques for safely moving people while minimizing the risk of injury.

Training Manual – Part One

Learn the basic concepts and principles of back care

  • Learn the power position
  • Understand what is necessary for stability
  • Discover and practice natural movement

Training Manual - Part Two

Discover the actual emergency evacuation techniques

  • Assisting someone who can walk
  • Moving safely in/out of a wheelchair
  • Transferring from bed to wheelchair or floor
  • Moving along the floor
  • Proceeding down stairs

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“The Get Me Out of Here!™ DVD is a very useful resource. I like the clear demonstrations and the reinforcement of safe zone and danger zones, as well as the focus on clients and on safety. The manual is an excellent guide to use alongside the DVD.”

Lesley Bainbridge, Associate Principal, College of Health Disciplines, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

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"Get Me Out of Here!™ is essential training for people who work or live with people with disabilities. It demonstrates in a straightforward and easy manner how to move and lift people in order to evacuate them in an emergency. Very useful methods to learn that can save lives without injury."

Karen Martin, co-chair
BC Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities Committee


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