Free To Be

Private Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Consulting

In 1990, Barbara Purdy’s Mom was dying of cancer, and Barbara was exhausted by her role as a caregiver.

As an expert Occupational Therapist, Barbara knew that assistive devices were available to help her Mom, but was frustrated by the difficulty in obtaining them. How would an average person know what to look for, let alone get it?

Her Mom’s passing was the inspiration to begin Free to Be™ as a resource for people in similar situations.

Today Barbara works with adult children as they struggle to cope with their aging parents.

Barbara helps you find answers to:

“Dad had a stroke – what can we do?”
“Mom broke her hip –how can she remain independent?”
“My parents live alone – are they safe?”

Barbara gives professional advice and solutions to your questions about:

  • Improving balance to prevent falls
  • Mobility issues – how to remain active and independent
  • Bathroom safety and home hazards
  • Equipment – choosing a wheelchair, walker, bath seat, assistive device etc.
  • Total Care – how do you transfer, bathe dress and feed someone dependent

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