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The 3-A's of Office Ergonomics
Workshop Overview

  • Do you spend time at a computer?
  • Do you want pain free back, neck and shoulders?
  • Do you want to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Then this program of Awareness, Anticipation and Action is for you.

If you work in an office, you should know that workplace injuries are frequent, widespread and increasing. Many people experience aches, pains, numbness, tingling and fatigue impacting their work and quality of life. However, you can prevent workplace injuries. You need to know and understand the ergonomic risk factors that cause these injuries and learn how to control them.

Office ErgonomicsIn The 3-A’s of Office Ergonomics program, you will be given the knowledge and tools to ergonomically organize and interact with your workspace. You will learn how to move your body to effectively create safer work patterns. Changing your work habits are equally as important as changing your office equipment to prevent a work related injury.

In addition, in this workshop you will:

  • Learn to adjust office equipment to fit you
  • Discover 3 effective actions you can do to relieve pain
  • Understand the 4 components that must work together – chair, keyboard, mouse, monitor
  • Know how to purchase appropriate equipment

This program would benefit everyone, but especially:

  • Office workers
  • Computer users
  • Sedentary workers

Workshop Length: 2 hours
Pre-requisites: None
Reference material: Handouts

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Download Office Ergonomics – 9 Components for a Healthy Workstation

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What is ergonomics? (video - 2:20)

"The format worked well for our staff. The group session provided information that assisted staff in monitoring individual work habits to minimize the potential for injuries. The personal consultations proved helpful and allowed for one-on-one assessments of individual workstations. It was a very informative session. I know that a number of our staff have already noticed significant improvements from the changes that we have implemented. Thank you – it was a pleasure working with you."

      T. Moy, Retail Manager
Oakridge Centre, Vancouver, BC


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